Investing for financial returns and social impact


Lefa Pan African Fund isn't just about generating returns; it's about fuelling Africa's rise with investments that drive both exceptional financial performance and positive impact. We are a 100% black-owned and female-led powerhouse, harnessing the power of impact investing across high-potential sectors that hold the key to the continent's vibrant future.

  • Fund Name: Lefa Pan African Fund
  • Fund Domicile: South Africa 
  • Fund Currency: USD 
  • Targeted First Close Date: June 2024 
  • Targeted Final Close Date: Dec 2025
  • Commitments Target Total: USD 120 
  • Minimum LP commitment: USD 2.6Mn
  • General Partner Commitment: 1% of the Fund’s committed capital
  •  Fund Term:  10 years, and 1 + 1
  • Investment Period:  5 years post close, harvest from year 6 onwards
  • Target Cheque Size Per Asset:  USD 2.6 Mn – USD 14Mn
  • Target Return:  Gross IRR 25%, and 3x TMB
  • Hurdle Rate:  8%   
  • Fees: 2/20
  • Sector Focus: Ecommerce and Fintech, Renewable Energy, Key Infrastructure, Healthcare, Financial Services, Industrial and Manufacturing, Mining Services and Agro-Processing
  • Geographic Focus:  75% South Africa, and 25% ex-South Africa (ultimately Pan-African) 

Previous Funds Raised: Secured Lefa e-commerce Fund [R500m] 

Beyond Returns, Building Impact

Lefa Pan African Fund goes beyond generating financial returns. The Fund is established to create a lasting positive impact through Gender Equality, ESG Integration & Sustainable Growth.



Female Leadership:

Our team boasts 50% female representation, led by the expertise of CEO Boitumelo Mofikoe and CIO Ikageng Moatshe


Proven Track Record:

Our team has successfully  invested over R1 billion across Africa, generating strong returns for investors.


CAT II FSCA License:

We adhere to the highest ethical and regulatory standards.

ESG Policy

Lefa PE Africa believes that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to developing resilient companies and assets that deliver long term value for our investors. We are committed to integrating ESG into our investment process and operating philosophy.

Integration of ESG considerations into our investment processes will optimise the value we have envisaged as an entity.

ESG integration is the practice of incorporating sound ESG principles into our investment decisions to help enhance risk-adjusted returns, as well as deliver impact. There is no one-size-fits-all approach but at Lefa Asset Managers Africa; we see it as being about making research, data and insights available to all of our portfolio managers, and working with them to identify potential process enhancements across all business and operations activities.

Our ESG approach is anchored on sound fundamental principles enshrined in IFC and CRISA that promote fair labour practices, decent working environments, a sustainable environment, and good corporate citizens from a governance perspective. Furthermore, we want to leave an impact legacy. 


  • Business and industries with higher job creation and youth empowerment multiplier effects;
  • Solid governance structures or at the very least have the willingness and capacity to introduce good governance;
  • High sustainability and growth prospects;
  • Green practices; climate smart practices and business models; and
  • An edge for greater social and financial returns. 


We see responsible investment as well as a focus on ESG and impact not as a burden, but as a fundamental component of successful long-term investment. Within our investment analysis, decision-making, management and reporting activities, we subscribe to the IFC’s Operating Principles in terms of impact management, in addition to employing the IFC standards in terms of our evaluation of ESG risks